Midnight Studios



Become the dragon, and defend your island from those who would destroy you! Built in its entirety by Echoreyn Midnight Studios creator Kristen Danch-Powell in 2010, this three-level game puts a new twist on the classic animated first person blaster games. Can you defeat your enemies, and become ruler of Echo Isle?

(Note: This game requires Flash and can load rather slowly. If you see a grey rectangle, that means it's loading correctly. Please be patient, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!)


The original Echoreyn Midnight Studios logo features a unique style of MS Paint-based animation created in 2008. The illusion of movement derives from a sequence of hand-detailed frames. Enjoy!


From the most humble of beginnings, check out this cute little animated feature. Press the button and watch Pinnoccio's nose grow again and again!

Nose Link

An animated Mr. Potato Head style-game, make a silly face complete with sounds and music in this mini activity!

Moustache Link