Kristen Danch-Powell is the creator of Echoreyn in its many forms. As a student at the University of Georgia, her varied interests led her to earn Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Statistics, a minor in Theatre, and certificates in Computer Science and New Media. The many branches of the Echoreyn brand represent some of her greatest endeavors.

From a very young age, Kristen knew that she would never be able to settle for the average life. As a child, she imagined growing up to be everything from a shipwreck museum designer to a theme park creator to the owner of a company of robotic dolls. However, she never wavered from one goal - that of becoming a writer. This led her to pursue all of her strongest developing interests - in film, technology, fashion, acting, and music - with the knowledge that many of the greatest authors in the world draw ideas from their own exciting experiences and richly varied lives. An avid perfectionist, she continues to strive to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way.

Kristen's dedication and drive to achieve and succeed is strong, and she lives by the word "Believe."