Fun Facts :)

* Kristen has an extensive web presence, including at least two accounts on nearly all of the biggest social networking sites. Click here to check out a few of her favorites.

* In school, she could never narrow down her favorite subjects to just one... So, when she attended the University of Georgia, she majored in everything - well, almost everything. She has degrees in Mathematics and Statistics, a minor in Theatre, and certificates in Computer Science and New Media.

* Kristen has been lucky enough to act in scenes with many famous actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Momoa, Tamara Tunie, and Josh Hutcherson. In fact, her first paying acting gig was Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

* Echoreyn was just one of the many names Kristen came up with during a brainstorming session in 2005 when she was trying to find a name for a character in a story she was writing at the time. It never fit the character, but she loved it so much she adopted it as her pseudonym soon after. It has Spanish and Greek origins, and the literal meaning of the name is "Queen of the Echoes".

* Her first love is writing. She began concocting stories at the tender age of 4, and she has dreamed of becoming a published author ever since.

* Kristen's birthday is October 29th. Growing up, her birthday was so close to Halloween that she always associated one with the other which led her to develop a deep love of costumes and characters.

* Her favorite band played a private show free of charge for her and her friends at her 23rd birthday party. She still remembers this as one of the best days of her life.

* Kristen is not a desk person. She writes while sitting on her bed, dreams up ideas in the dark corners of concert venues, and sews perched atop a cushion on the floor. In fact, she coded and built this entire website while leaning against a mound of pillows in her favorite spot on her bed.

* One of the coolest moments in her life was when Atlanta-based band The Constellations, newly signed to Virgin Records, recognized her from her blog and gave her a shoutout from the stage. Good times.